Reid Hannaford joins BWG

Jason Yanowitz | October 18, 2018

We’re excited to have Reid Hannaford join us as a Digital Media Associate. Reid will focus on all things media for BWG, including the Off the Chain podcast, YouTube channel, branding, graphic design, and much more! 

Reid Hannaford is a film director and producer, and a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.

He became a Youtube Partner when he was 14 years old, over time accumulating over 4,500,000 views, and has continued to grow as an artist since then.

We sat down for a quick interview with Reid to give you the inside scoop on BWG's newest hire. 


Reid, where are you from?

Montréal, Canada

What's your favorite food?

Ethiopian cuisine. Bunna Cafe in Bushwick. Go there, now.  

Woah, wasn't expecting that one! Who is someone you'd like to meet over Ethiopian food?

Denis Villeneuve. He's one of my favorite directors and from my hometown. Denis, if you're out there, Ethiopian lunch on me! 

Read any great books recently?

Never Let Me Go. It takes place in an alternate 1990s England and is a powerful story about humanity and human connection. 

Besides good books and Ethiopian food, any favorite hobbies we should know about?

Illustration, painting, cooking, yoga, and running

Great, all things we're not great at. This is going to work out well :)


Oh! One last thing... any favorite videos/memes/GIFs these days?

Yes, yes indeed. 


Check out Reid's cinema portfolio on Vimeo.



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